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Home automation enabled you to access all your home devices from a mobile device anywhere in the world. Read more

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Safeguard your home with our latest wireless home security systems and let you monitor what's happening at home from afar. Read more

Energy Saving

Home Security

Saving energy to lower your electrical costs and it will also reduce greenhouse emission to the environment. In other words, less pollution. Read more

House Cooling

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Air Conditioner cooling use more energy than any other system. We use free energy to make your home cooler and more comfortable to live in. Read more

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Experience our most innovative Smart Home technologies that designed to maximize your home comfortability, security, energy efficiency & convenience at all times.

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  • I can monitor and control the condition of my home anywhere and everywhere I want. Compared to other home automation services, it definitely has reduce my electrical cost significantly because of its energy saving capabilities and also a timer that enables you to integrate switches. I have been using the smart home automation services and in my experience it was great!
    Rebecca Lim
  • Ever since I have been using OKG Unihome smart home solution, it surely changed my life. My home has been kept safe and sound for the longest time. It is sturdy and reliable, it does not cause any problems for me and my family. I will definitely use their security services in the future, I highly recommend it!
  • I love how most of the OKG Unihome products are eco-friendly and energy saving. Nowadays it's hard to find products and services that has long lasting effects. I used their roof ventilation services and I do not regret it, without a doubt! These past few weeks has been comfortable and relaxing for me once I got back home from work. Trust me, all those days sinking in the hot weather will go away!
    Tom Yap
  • I am a freelance artist, I have been using their smart lighting solution for a few months now and I am impressed to say that I am satisfied with the results. My workload has been easier for me as I was provided with good quality lighting. It's affordable, energy saving, reliable and highly efficient. Go and check them out for yourselves!
    Alvina Ho