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Global warming is an unfortunate phenomenon that is affecting each one of us in a different way; over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history. And experts see the trend is accelerating: All but one of the 16 hottest years in NASA’s 134-year record have occurred since 2000. This is an especially worrying problem for Malaysians who witness an average temperature of about 35C in the average day time, with some peak days spiking up to even higher temperatures. But with Zepher roof ventilator, the problem of overheating and humidity no longer remains an issue in your life.

Most of the houses constructed often do not focus on its solar reflective index (SRI) which is a measure of how much solar heat is reflected by the roof rather than being absorbed, conducted, and transmitted down to the house. If this index is high, a significantly large amount of sun’s light is bounced back from the surface of the roof and your house consequently remains comfortably cool. However, as with most cases, this index is known to be pretty low and as a result not only does your house heat up more quickly- but the cooling systems inside your house have to work much more to keep the temperature under control.

What if you could use the same sunlight makes your house heat-up instead actually cool it?

Lama’s Zepher is an extraordinary breakthrough which uses solar energy to power roof ventilators which keep in check and maintain the temperature and humidity levels in your house. When these roof ventilators prevent excessive heat and humidity from reaching the inside of your house, your air-conditioner automatically has to work less, and thus you save on a large proportion of your money that you would have otherwise spent on electricity bills to keep your house at a comfortably cool temperature.

The working of the Zepher roof ventilator is pretty straightforward: by managing the airflow between the roof and your ceiling, it prevents your roof from overheating and thereby transmitting this heat throughout the rest of your house. The photovoltaic solar panel present inside the Zepher roof ventilator produces electricity that is used to cool down the roof when the sun begins to heat up the roof during the morning and then stops working once the heat decreases as the sun sets. The Zepher eliminates the heat which is present inside roof and instead replaces it cooler air.

The Zepher roof ventilator has a strong built which gives it a long life; a one-time investment in the roof ventilators which provide a lifetime of convenience for your home environment. The model is made up of corrosion resistant alloy which further elongates the life of these ventilators.

The smart design of the Zepher roof ventilator also prevents any birds or rodents from entering the ventilator and getting trapped- thus not only is the design meant to provide nonstop working of the machine, but if you're a nature-lover you'd be glad to know that the little animals on top of your roof are not facing any serious threats to life after the installation of these ventilators. It prevents birds and rodents from entering the machine by having an integrated electroplated wire mesh which keeps all such animals out.

Talking about nature-lovers, we all have to admit that whether we’re a huge advocate for or against global warming, we would all like a safer environment to live in when we step outside our homes. Zepher roof ventilator promises just that: a comfortable environment not only inside your home but a healthy atmosphere outside as well. by using solar energy to power its ventilators, the machine eradicates the need for using other fuels which emit harmful gases and cause harm to the ecosystem. Not only this but any significantly reducing the temperature and humidity inside your house, the number of hours you run your air conditioner will also decrease drastically, saving up, even more, energy; and let's not forget how beneficial this would be for your finances in the long run.

By lowering the humidity levels inside your house, Zepher roof ventilator helps to protect valuables inside your house that may be otherwise prone to damage when exposed to long periods of humidity. Organic structures such as wooden panels, wooden pillars, and beams decay prematurely in humidity; this will all be solved when you install the Zepher roof ventilator.

Compared to conventional turbine ventilators, the Zepher roof ventilator comes with hassle-free installation and working, and is known to have much superior performance records. The problem with turbine ventilators is very simple: inconsistency. On calm days they do not help ventilation of the roof to any great extent as they rely on the wind to perform their function. However, on windy days they may lead to excessive ventilation and depressurization of the attic. These turbine vents usually rely on low-quality mechanicals to provide the movement. Because they are exposed to a hostile environment, and they are substantially inaccessible for servicing by many homeowners, it is found that their performance is often poor.

Another comparison is the noise level made by the two ventilators: turbine ventilators are known to cause a disturbance as they function whereas the Zepher roof ventilator is known for its design that ensures a whisper-quiet brushless motion.

With the overall cooler and less humid environment that would be created inside your home after the installation of Zepher roof ventilator, you and your family will reside in a cool environment that not only keeps your electricity bills down but your smiles up too.


1What are different between Zepher and Turbine Vent?
One Zepher Roof Vent Fan is equivalent to 20 conventional Turbine roof vent fan. Save more energy and more cooler for your home.
2How is Zepher maintenance ?
Basically you just need to do monthly schedule checking the functionality of Zepher Roof Vent Fan, if you have any question, you can just contact us.
3How to install this product?
We will help you for the installation. You need allocate a small space at your roofing to put this product and their frame.
4This product suitable for house or factory?
Zepher roof ventilator is suitable for both house and factory.
5How many years life time for this product?
Zepher can last more than 5 year and above, it is depend on regular maintenance service.

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