Terreal Roof Tiles Under our prestigious brand TBF, Terreal Malaysia is one of the leading producers of clay roof tiles. We are part of Terreal group, a renowned European terracotta roofing tiles manufacturer, with over 150 years of experience and 25 plants worldwide. Click on any tile to be directed to that product page.

A modern roofing solution that cares for yoy,you home and the planet.

No matter rain or shine,HomeValue+ is always here to care for you and your family,you living spaces and the environment.Featuring Terreal's unique technology that ensures high durability and water-tightness,HomeValue+ clay roofs are the perfect choice for Malaysian homes.

Created more than half a century ago, the Romane has benefited from all technological advances in design and manufacturing. Found all over Southern Europe and Southeast Asia, it is a true classic with proven reliability and easy to install. With its pure lines and powerful streamlined curve, coming in a comprehensive range of colours, it covers traditional homes as well as contemporary constructions. Manufactured in Malaysia, you can be sure of its quality and local adaptability, backed by a unique 10 years warranty..

Produced with an innovative machine-press system, Zen Tile Series has a superior strength when compared to conventional flat tiles, that enables less breakage and chipping during transport and installation. It also presents unique Double Interlocking and Double Overlapping System, Double Water Channel with Weather Rib at its top, and a Double Elevated Nail Hole for perfect fixing. The combination of those features, together with use of our CooLMax™ insulation system, will ensure perfect watertightness under tropical weather.

At Terreal,no matter how unique your palette specification are,we have the capacity to develop custom colours to match your requirements.The possilibilities for customization also extend to achieving the textural and surface effects that you desire along with different forms of grooves,contouring and even perforations.


1What is the difference between TBF clay roof tiles and concrete tiles?
Long lasting, cooling, aesthetically superior, environmental friendly and exclusive, TBF clay roof tiles are the roofing materials of choice, when it comes to high end housing and quality.
2What is the difference between Modern Glaze and Classic Glaze?
Classic Glazed is more shinning and glossy than modern glaze. Both have the anti-fungus properties.
3What is the recommended roof pitch?
We recommend a range from 22 to 35 degrees. It depends on the exposure to wind and rain of the roof. It varies also if you are using underlay or not (we strongly recommend under tropical climate) A pitch between 25 and 35 degrees will optimize the flow of water and waterproofness of the roof. Furthermore, it allows visualizing our profile from ground level.
4What is your minimum pitch?
Depend on the area of the house : whether it is a protected area (in a valley for example), a normal area or an open area (near a beach for example) or exposed to strong wind. You can go as low as 19 degree if underlaying material is used. The span of the roof is also a factor, the longer the span the higher the pitch needs to be.
5What kind of warranty given on TBF clay roof tiles?
TBF Clay roof tiles are made according to highest quality standards and come with a standard 10 years warranty.

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