Our environmentally friendly building products are widely known and available throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa and more recently Europe. SHERA’s cutting edge production technology, distribution networks, marketing strategies and client services are enjoyed by our clients on a worldwide basis.

Quality fibre cement building materials

SHERA Board is a fibre cement board that is easy to handle and install, reducing installation time and increasing cost-savings. In addition our fibre cement board is the perfect solution for any house that faces a constant threat from termites and water damage: it is termite and water / moisture resistant

Roman Tile products are certified by Thai Industrial Stnadards for Fibre profile sheet,no more worries about asbestos dust and you can live safely and happily under a strong and long lasting roof with various choices of colors.

The light-weight,thin corrugated roof tile offers best aesthetic value for both classical oriental pitch roof and comtemporary housing styles

To fulfill the green living ideology.SHERA provide eco-friendly non asbestos roof tile in two unique profiles
-Trilon and Roman Tile
-minimize resident's health risks and be safer to use

SHERA continuously try to improve themselves through technology and human resources in the constantly changing business world to ensure progress, innovation and leadership position in the marketplace.Innovation is critical to maintaining a leading position in the fibre cement industry.


1Are SHERA fibre cement products resistant to fire?
Yes,SHERA fibre cement products are fire resistant and pass relevant fire testing
2What are the environmentally friendly qualities of SHERA products?
SHERA materials have the following qualities: -Non asbestos -Uses arcylic colour -Uses fiber from recycled material -Uses fiber from fast-growing,farmed wood crops used for industry,not from natural forests -Reduced energy consumption in the manufacturing process
3What are the advantages of SHERA Board over moisture resistant gypsum?
SHERA Fibre Cement boards are homengeneous and cementitious in nature ,so fundamentally different in constitution from moisture gypsum boards,which rely on a skin to keep water / moisture out.
4Are SHERA products harmful to the environment?
SHERA have operated under a strict "Green Policy" for many years and operate under the concept of manufacturing an 'environmentally friendly' building material using eco-friendly manufacturing processes.
5What is SHERA Board?
SHERA Board is fibre cement boarding that offers you more design possibilities for both interior and exterior use.It also provides cost-effective,speedy and durable solutions for your design / construction project.

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