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In the dynamic environment that we reside in today, security is the top most concern for all individuals. Avoiding situations that put ourselves and our family is what every individual wish for- with Senzo Home Automation, this wish comes true. Not only does it safeguard your house against criminal activities (such as theft,) but it also provides security against unforeseen accidents such as a fire that may take place for hundreds of reasons that you may be unaware of- such as a faulty wiring.

Now you can go on a vacation without worrying about your beloved housing- Senzo Home Automation has got everything covered for you. The wireless sensor by Senzo is a simple and functional used for saving energy, safety, and security. It's a must-have for every corner of your home in order to attain peace of mind even when you're not at home. The extensive range of wireless sensors offered by Senzo includes alarm sensor, siren sensor, motion sensor, smoke detector, as well as the light sensor. These sensors may be paired with the Senzo Wireless Alarm interface.

With Senzo Wireless Security system, your home is safe wherever you are. The motion detector will detect unexpected motion inside your premises and blast a siren that would not only make the intruders run away but also alerts the relevant authorities. All the devices offered by Senzo Home Automation are energy-friendly; they run on minimum batteries to help you cut costs which you can then spend elsewhere.

And if these amazing products (and much more) aren't enough, Senzo Home Automation offers its very own app available for IoS and Android. So now, no matter where you are, you're just a click away from having complete control of your house; if that's not modern living, what is?


1Is wireless technology a reliable smart home solution?
Yes. It’s easy to use and having everything using one app to control it include smart home. Nowadays people use mobile app to control many devices around them. With Senzo smart home, you can control it by using only one app.
2Can I control Senzo system using my smart phone?
Yes. You have a choice of Android or iOS app.You can remotely control your Senzo system in your house from anywhere in the world.
3Do I need to change my house wiring to install Senzo Touch?
No, Senzo Touch is a wireless hybrid distributed modular system. No rewiring or data cable is required. There is also no need for extra relay or other switching devices. Our system uses RF to communicate through internal antenna.
4How the system notify house owner to change battery of wireless sensor?
Once the battery performance is low level,it will show the notification on APP software (Mobile Phone ) and the device also will have voice notification (Sound Clip,Clip).
5It’s possible to link auto gate system that I already have with Senzo Touch?
Yes, Senzo Touch was compatible with Auto Gate System.

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