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With the rapid pace of technology all around the world, every little aspect of our life is becoming modernized- people have abandoned conventional, tiring ways in favor of the latest technology that makes life much easier. From the latest Smartphone to airplay TV streaming, we want all that's best for us. And if we're upgrading every aspect of our lifestyle, why leave behind our homes? That's where Senzo Home Automation comes to the rescue.

Prepare yourself to step into the future of modern housing with Senzo Home Automation- a class above all others. With a wide range of products and accessories to choose from, Senzo Home Automation provides you with superior quality state-of-the-art solutions for automating your home. But home automation isn't just about convenience; it serves a much greater dual purpose- securing your premises and all the valuables in it.

With Senzo Touch, all you need is one switch board to control everything in your house: lighting, temperature, humidity, Senzo Touch is a real all-rounder. No need for you to waste time going to every switch in your house at night to turn off the lights, with Senzo Touch you can do it with just a single touch. Senzo Home Automation offers you seven state-of-the-art switches to choose from. Select whichever suits your needs the most and spend the rest of your life in peace with just a single touch! And not only that, but the exclusive skin-changing option lets you customize your switch in any design that you like; let your style speak for itself.

The new Senzo IoT Gateway is the device your modern home needs: it performs a number of vital functions such, protocol translation, security updating, device connectivity, data filtering and processing, management and more. It is the powerful core for the new generation of smart living. Allowing complete control and monitoring of Senzo devices, it can easily be controlled by our smartphones and tablets. Convenience at its best, the Senzo IoT Gateway lets you control your house devices no matter where you are with just a click.

Ever wanted to turn on your house lighting before you actually stumble inside and try to locate the switch in the darkness at night? Well, with Senzo Home Automation you need not wish anymore. The Remote Control lets you have complete control of your house's lighting, door accesses, and switches with just a click. You can open the door, turn on the lights, and even adjust the temperature to suit your liking even before you step inside your house- right from your car! The remote is light and carry-friendly, and you can use it up to a distance of 40 meters.

And if these amazing products (and much more) aren't enough, Senzo Home Automation offers its very own app available for IoS and Android. So now, no matter where you are, you're just a click away from having complete control of your house; if that's not modern living, what is?


1Is wireless technology a reliable smart home solution?
Yes. It’s easy to use and having everything using one app to control it include smart home. Nowadays people use mobile app to control many devices around them. With Senzo smart home, you can control it by using only one app.
2Can I control Senzo system using my smart phone?
Yes. You have a choice of Android or iOS app.You can remotely control your Senzo system in your house from anywhere in the world.
3Do I need to change my house wiring to install Senzo Touch?
No, Senzo Touch is a wireless hybrid distributed modular system. No rewiring or data cable is required. There is also no need for extra relay or other switching devices. Our system uses RF to communicate through internal antenna.
4How the system notify house owner to change battery of wireless sensor?
Once the battery performance is low level,it will show the notification on APP software (Mobile Phone ) and the device also will have voice notification (Sound Clip,Clip).
5It’s possible to link auto gate system that I already have with Senzo Touch?
Yes, Senzo Touch was compatible with Auto Gate System.

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