The QLUX LED lighting solution is one of its kind innovation in the world of lighting. We’ve been using harsh lighting for so long that it no longer appears to us how damaging those harsh lights may be for our eyes- whether used for reading, cooking, or just generally to light up our homes, the conventional strong bulbs and tube lights that we use actually damage and strain our eyes rather than aid in seeing properly in the long run. Well, now with QLUX LED lighting solution you need not worry about the adverse effects of lighting on your eyes.

Not only is QLUX LED lighting solution super eye-friendly and glare free, but the special design of our lights make them last ten times longer than ordinary conventional lights- a win-win situation for you. The money that you save in the long run, as you don’t have to replace your lights as often as you now do, can be used elsewhere for the pleasure of you and your family. Who doesn’t like a good, economical deal?

Light on Your Eyes As Well As Your Pocket

QLUX LED lighting solution offers a range of products fit for different uses, but all have one thing in common- they’re light on your eyes as well as your pocket.

If you're a frequent reader and find that after a few hours of reading your eyes start to strain a bit, one of the reasons for this may be the very harsh reading light that you are using. The rays from conventional bulbs are very strong and tend to make your eyes irritable, often resulting in giving you a headache. The perfect solution to this problem is provided by QLUX LED lighting solution in the form of our Super Q 4.5w and 8w Bulb. The super eye-friendly technology minimizes eye strain and gives you a fatigue free reading experience. What’s even better is that this extraordinary bulb doesn’t produce any heat at all- meaning that it’s perfect for your overhead reading lamp as it won’t raise the temperature around you to make you uncomfortable.

The Omni Directional Bulb is a product unlike any other in the market. Conventional LED bulbs use a mechanism that only lights up a specific area directly underneath them; for this reason, if they do manage to save up electricity usage, the area that is illuminated by them is limited. This is where the Omni Directional Bulb comes in: with 360� pattern lighting for the high efficient requirement, this extraordinary bulb is able to spread light in all directions and cover a much larger area as compared to regular LED bulbs. Because it manages to do so, you'll need a lesser number of these bulbs in your house which means, even more, electricity saving for you. This is how QLUX LED lighting solution provides you superior class quality products which are a relief for your pocket.

All of the products at how QLUX LED lighting solution is made with a special welding method to minimize wastage and pollution. So by using the lighting solutions offered by QLUX LED, you not only benefit yourself by saving the effect of harsh lightings on your eyes, save up on money that you would otherwise have to spend on replacement of low-quality bulbs, but above all make your part in protecting and saving the environment.


1What is CRI, and why is it important?
Color Rendering Index (CRI) is defined as a light sources ability to render color. The higher the CRI, the better the light source renders every color in the visible spectrum. To have what is generally considered good color rendering, a source must be >80 CRI.
2What is Lux mean?
Lux is the metric unit equal to the amount of light falling on one square meter 1 lumen = 10 lux.A lux is only 1 / 10 th of a lumen.
3What are the benefits of using LEDs vs CFLs and other energy saving lamps?
LED lamps offer a great array of benefits when compared to CFLs and other energy saving lamps.Among the benefits offered by LEDs we found: - Cool to the touch: Unlike incandescent bulbs or CFLs, LEDs transmit heat downwards releasing such heat to the heat sink (body) and allowing the diffuser (head) to be cool to the touch. - Energy Efficient - Low maintenance Cost - Environmentally Friendly - Long Lasting Durability
4What certifications do you have for your products?
We have CE ROHS for all our products, and CULUS (Underwrites Laboratories Certified Safety), Lighting Facts Label Certified Performance, Energy Star, IEC and IECEE.
5Why do LED lights use such little power?
LED lights do not use a filament where a conductor is heated and light is created. Filament based lighting consumes more power than the light produced. LED lights produce very little amounts of heat and do not use filaments making them far more efficient in consumption and output.

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