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The energy crisis is a problem that many parts of the world face in this day- indeed it is a problem that is likely to get worse as the earth’s sources continue to be depleted, consequently raising the price of all energy-related services that we use. Keeping this in mind, it is not only smart but also economical to take a step towards more efficient products that don’t just save up on your electricity bill but also help reduce unnecessary consumption of energy; the solution to all energy problems- POLA YK-101, the energy saving air circulation fan.

Its unique design and built makes it stand-out amongst all other fans available in the market- including both conventional as well as modern ceiling fans. It is smart design circulates the flow of air efficiently around the room no matter what the size of the room is it is guaranteed to always remain well-ventilated.

Unlike conventional fans, Pola Air Circulator takes up roughly around the same space as a block of time in your ceiling; this makes it safer for use in rooms with a low ceiling height. In addition, the latest technology used in Pola Air Circulator enables it to circulate air throughout the room and reach every corner, unlike conventional fans which can often only manage to air the area that is directly beneath them leaving the rest of the room untouched.

Not only is it safer for use compared to conventional fans, it is also much more aesthetically pleasing; now your fan is just as modern as the rest of your future. Pola Air Circulator is also designed to create low disturbance in the form of noise that may arise when you switch on a conventional fan- definitely the smart fan that your smart living requires.

The maintenance of Pola Air Circulator is also particularly easy: all that you need to do is remove the turntable dish to wash the fan underneath it. Hygiene has never been so easy- especially when you compare it to the trouble of bringing a ladder and a large broom to clean up your conventional fans, this handy fan requires the least of efforts to clean it to new.

When everything else in your house, from your television to your lights, works with a remote control, why shouldn’t your fan? Pola Air Circulator is operated by a remote control that can control its speed: low, medium, or high- you can adjust to meet your needs. The remote also allows easy time setting for the fan with three time-options each with a distinct colour light to make it even more convenient for you to operate the fan: 2 hour (Red light) – 4 hour (Green light) – 6 hours (orange light).

Moving on to by far the biggest reason why Pola Air Circulator stands out and that is because of its energy-saving qualities. Pola Air Circulator can operate on power as low as 32-W when used in ‘low’ mode, and even in its fastest mode the fan only requires a power of 53-W. This incredible breakthrough is coupled with an unbelievably efficient level of air displacement, known as wind volume, which ranges from 800-CMH in its lowest mode up to 1500-CMH.

Compared to the energy used by a conventional fan, Pola Air Circulator is believed to use only 190.0kWh/year whereas a conventional fan would use as much as 540kWh/year.

So take the smart step and modernize your lifestyle, save up on your bills, and cut down your energy consumption by switching to Pola Air Circulator.


1What is the different between Pola Ecofan and ceiling fan?
The different between Ecofan and ceiling fan is Ecofan suitable for both low and high ceiling, but ceiling fan only suitable for high ceiling only.
2Can you explain what is the function for the 3 colours of light at this Pola Ecofan?
Function for the 3 colour of light is set timer for fan which is Red light(2 hour), Green light(4 hour), Orange light (6 hour).
3What are the advantages by using this Pola Ecofan?
One of the main benefit of using Ecofan is to improve the indoor environment bad airflow movement significantly.
4What is the place suitable for Pola Ecofan?
Any house, office, store, classroom of school, hospital or clinic, entertainment place and basement are all suitable for Ecofan.
5Is Pola Ecofan safe to end user?
Yes, it is very safe to use because with the enclosed blades provide higher level of safety purpose for low ceiling environment.

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