All MONIER offers are developed on the basis of our core values of building a sustainable,green and better living environment for the future.In line with our values,Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions (E3) is our most significant innovation which comprosed of MONIER CoolRoof and MONIER SolarRoof.Our customers can now make change to their energy-intensive lifestyles and at the same time enjoy considerable savings of up 45% in electricity cost!


Mdern,Minimalist and Exclusive

MONIER Cosmopolitan Collection brings forwad the modernity and minimalism of style to your roofs! This range of exclusive offers is incorporated with MONIER CoolRppf System that can reduce the temperature inside your home up to 10'C making them most suited to our hot tropical weather.

Monier roof tiles,installed as a roofing system,will offer superior heat reflectivity,higher residual heat dissipation and significantly quieter acoustics in tropical conditions to provide a much more comfortable living environment that is longer lasting and more sustainable.


1What advantages of MONIER roof system?
-100% Leak Proof -Low Noise -Thermal Comfort -Aesthetics
2Monier produce from concrete tile or clay tile?
Concrete Roof Tile
3What Minimum pitch of this product?
minimum pitch for MONIER is 15'
4Its MONIER green product?
Yes,Our green product reflects the brand stance on ecological awareness and all MONIER products are developed on the basis of MONIER core values of building a sustainable and better living environment for the future
5What mean by Quarts Tech?
Quarts Tech coating mean passed more than 20 years weather resistance test in our technical centre.Dimensionally consistent and accurate,LEGACY is tailor-made and specially designed for tropical weather.A reflection and expression of simplistic beauty

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