As kind as it is to the ecology,Lamano keeps the architects and builders in mind by having a self stacking capability,backing it with an easy to lay centering marker for swift and easy installation.At Lama,we believe in lifestyle improvements with care and preservation of our future generations.

Dark coloured roofs are a trending choice of colour due to their contemporary and modernity impressions.However,they have a very low Solar Reflectance Index (S.R.I).The radiant heat from the roof material heats up the air beneath resulting in a hot roof which can reach up to +70'C and easily seeping part of it into your home interior.With Lama's COOLTECH,you can have a cooler dark roof to an energy efficient light coloured roof,both providing you a more comfortable living and reducing the carbon footprint.


1What different between normal tile and Lamano?
Lama is developed in an entire revolutionary way by basing on sun-reflecting copper materials and thermo UV-stable polymers which reflects between 22%-80% of the sun back into the atmosphere like a mirror.
2What is Nanotechnology?
Lamano's Nanotechnology is nature in the tile surface,consisting of deeply penetrated silence which has a size of 5-15 nanometers making the surface alkaline resistant and hydrophobic.
3What types of LAMANO Tiles?
Lamano tiles have two type which is slate series tile and velvet series tile.
4What collection of colour they have?
Colour that available is Cream Rose,Golden Prairie,Eclipse,Brown Forest,Orange Canyon, and Volcanic Ash.
5What LAMANO product features?
-Green Product -Long Lasting -Strong and durable -Low maintenance

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