We're established and will continue growing our global presence by developing high quality,high performance and low - cost coating products that do as little possible or no harm to the environment at all.We aim to be the most trusted company in the world

We enacted our global environmental conservations policies in 1992.Policies for the maintenance and promotion of environmental sustainability.Products are only market-ready after environmental impact evaluation


1Kansai brand come from where?
2Its expensive brands among all brand in the world?
Kansai brand is most affordable brand in the world.Everyone can buy it.
3What types of paint they have?
Kansai have 3 types of paint -Interior Paint - PAR Silk -Exterior Paint - PAR Weathercoat -Wood Paint -Timbercote
4Advantages of Kansai Paint?
-For wood and metal surfaces -Outstanding weather resistance -Excellent Fungus Resistance -Excellent Hiding Power -Excellent Color Retention -No Added Lead or Mercury
5How many color timbercoat have?
Kansai timbercoat have 8 color -Golden Pine 103K -Rust 105K -Rosewood 108K -Redwood 107K -Mahogany 102K -Teak 104K -Meranti 101K -Charcoal 110K

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