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ID Consultancy, Design & Build for Residential and Commercial projects.

We expert in solution of functional, enhance the quality of life, culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive for all-kind of residential and commercial project.

We are here to provide the ID was incorporated with the objective to offer great, affordable and quality with service & products as:

What We Do

Full Reno Solution

VR Home Tour

Smart Kitchen

KUBIQ Kitchen

OKG Unihome, The Company you can Trust for Home Design

Warranty & Guarantee
We give confident to you with our carefully service solution 1 year warranty.

Schedule plan with no delays, no quitting, no budget over run.

Professional Team
With our specialized technician team from OKG Unihome trained specifically in roof renovation.

Safety. Worry-free
We apply protection to existing finishes. We care about your life and property safety.

  1. Free consultation & site visit.
  2. Proposal budget & design solution.
  3. Once confirmation will impost to VR home tour / 3D drawing.
  4. Start on site work by sections, complete the job on time with no delays.
  5. Can stay in the house as usual during the renovation.
  6. Complete the job with safety equipment prevent harmful accident in the house.
  7. Given Warranty Cert to protect your quality of your house.

Why you need to hire an INTERIOR DESIGNER?

Warranty Certificate Sample