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Small Acts, Big Impact GCI Clay Roof Tiles are all natural, right from the raw materials to the finished products. In fact, GCI is the first clay roof tiles manufacturer to attain the ECO-LABEL certification from SIRIM1 for environmentally sustainable products, clearing all doubts of GCI's initiative towards environmental conservation.

Marseille,a classic profile that never goes out of style.Marseille's double-valley shape creates a dustinctive Mediterranen look
-Interlocking Roofing System
-Accurate & Precise
-Colour Fastness
-Classic Contemporary
-Highly Durable

S-Pantile,a unique wavy 'S' profile with clean,crisp lines yielding bold European architecyure.
-Interlocking Roofing System
-Accurate & Precise
-Colour Fastness
-Timeless & Enduring
-Highly Durable


1Why Clay Roof Tiles ?
Clay being a poor heat conductor makes GC! Clay Roof Tiles a natural insulator, effectively giving your home a cooler summer and a warmer winter. Such an active trait significantly reduces the dependency on air-conditioning and heater during these seasons and thus, increasing efficiency in energy utilisation.
2What is virtue design ?
-Low porosity -Acoustic performance -Long Lasting -Energy Efficient -Fungal Resistant -Leak Resistant
3What type certificate GCI have?
-Sirim ECO-LABEL -Sirim -System Certification of SGS -UKAS management system -Standards Malaysia
4What advantages of Clay Tile?
Clay roof tiles are renowned for the remarkable durability and beauty, which is why they remain as the primary element of GCI. With such strong attributes, it is our Mission to make GCI Clay Roof Tiles the preferred roofing material by delivering outstanding value and experience through our product philosophy in which design follows function.
5What manufacturing process?
-The Quary -Raw Material Entry -The Extruder -The Cutter -The Press -The Drier -The Automated Handling and Transfer -The Kiln -The Packing -Stocking -Loading

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