Today,with more than 30 years of experience under its belt,Frontier has one of the most flexible and advance automated manufacturing plant in Malaysia with the capability of manufacturing three exclusive profiles namely DOUBLE ROMA,MARSEILLE and COPPO SAN MARCO.The knowledge and technical expertise held in concrete roof tile production and innovation along with the support from its overseas equipment supplier,sets Frontier apart from the competition.

The Double Roman roof tile is a true classic that has set the standard worldwide for concrete roof tiles industry.Its history can be traced back to Roman Empire,who was revered for their engineering and architectural feats.The Romans were the first to discover that arches have an innate ability to withstand great pressures,and the shape of the arch distributes the weight evenly down to the base of the structure.Hence,birth of the DOUBLE ROMAN tile.

The birth of the MARSEILLE roof tile involves a long jurney of research and technological advancement resulting in a dynamic new roof tile profile.Engineered for today's homes,the revolutionary MARSEILLE brings together the best qualities that ARCHITECTS,Developers and Home Owners desire in aroof tile advanced structural design,enduring strength and affordable style.Finally,you can enjoy the flattering good looks of a stylish roof tile that will perfectly blend and beautify your home


1Is there a different colour range for the Double Roman and Marseille Profile?
The full colour range of both paint and pigment are available to both these profiles.
2What is Color-Thru Tile
Color Thru roof tiles are tiles that have either a clay or black homogenous color right through the whole tile body.As the roof tiles are color through,the color of the roof tiles will remain throughout its lifespan.
3Does Frontier have the full range of ridges and acessories?
Frontier provides a full and complete range of ridges and accessories for every part of the roof.
4Are there any lapping and leakage issue?
Once Frontier tiles are properly installed,the roof will not leak.However,it is pertinent to point out that the supporting roof structure and especially the battens that the roof tiles rest on,play an extremely important role to the integrity of the roof
5Is Clay Roof Tile Cooler Than Concrete Roof Tile
This is a common notion but in reality,independent research and test data have shown that the colour and not the material of the roof tile determine the solar reflectivity which is a measure of the roof ability to reject heat and hence the thermal transmission into the house.

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