Ezviz Smart System

Ezviz Smart System

EZVIZ design system that are high performing,affordable and easy to use so families can stay connected,friends can share special moments,and distance is no longer barrier to staying in touch.Connect You Visually to Your Life.EZVIZ is the consumer and residential-focused subsidiary of the world's largest manufacturer of video surveillance solutions.

The smart home video technology can help you feel like you're home,right from the palm of your hand.The EZVIZ app is simple to use - its clean layout makes it easy to find all of your cameras,change settings,and see what's happening with just a few taps.

And if these amazing products (and much more) aren't enough, Ezviz Smart System offers its very own app available for IoS and Android. So now, no matter where you are, you're just a click away from having complete control of your house; if that's not modern living, what is?


1Is EZVIZ user friendly security camera ?
Yes.To get its working you only need WI-FI connection,EZVIZ application and power source.Download free EZVIZ application to configure camera,view live video or view motion recorded clips.
2Where to download EZVIZ application?
1.For iphone,go to "APP Store" Search "EZVIZ Application".Download the application. 2.For Android mobile phones,go to Google 'Play Store'.Search for 'EZVIZ App'.Download the application.
3How to set camera to 24/7 recording?
Download the PC application,'EZVIZ Studo'.Login into the account,Go to device advanced settings,Click "Event-Schedule-Recording Schedule"and choose all-day recording template.
4How to Enable/Disable motion detection by APP?
1.Log into the EZVIZ account 2.Select the device you want to activate motion detection on
5How many mobile clients can access to same camera? (with same account)
4 clients

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a click away from having complete control of your house.

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