Reduce Energy Use and Save Money the Smart Home Way

Average households, by far, are inefficient when it comes to energy saving. According to Malaysia Energy Information Hub, a government website that promotes energy saving, homes spend a striking RM240 billion on energy every year. That is an annual RM2,000 per household.

Clearly, inefficient home energy consumption has a direct effect on energy bills. Although it is obvious that using more power cost more bucks, what is not obvious is how to handle this matter. Luckily, with a few smart home upgrades, it is possible to make your residence more efficient and cost friendly.

Fully-Integrated Home Automation

One of the best innovations of smart home tech is full-fledged home automation. This is the ability to open an application and control multiple devices and appliances in your house (pretty cool). This amazing feature provides enormous energy savings that you will love.

Home automation involves combining convenience with technology. Technology allows all your digital gadgets such as lights, TVs, thermostats, and security panels to work together and be easy to control from a single point. With home automation, you can operate all your devices from a tablet or smartphone while you are at work.

Smart Lighting

Household lighting solutions have become quite smart over the last few years. The smart LED light bulbs are usually more expensive than the traditional CFL or incandescent bulbs. However, they use a fraction of the power and last longer than the customary ones, so you save energy and money in the long run.

In addition, these bulbs offer features that enable you to remotely control or schedule their operation. In fact, some of these devices use geofencing, which uses GPS on your smart device to know exactly where you are and turn on/off depending on where you are.

Save on Cooling and Heating

The heaviest energy drain on our budget, by far, is cooling and heating. Keeping your house cool in Malaysia hot weather especially Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang and showering using water heater can cost you 50% of your entire energy budget. With this figure, it is natural for the smart tech industry to design multiple gadgets for your house to save energy and money. If you are constructing a new house or even doing some renovation, energy saving HVAC systems using Inverter technology might prove to be a huge energy saver. However, even if your current systems don’t need to be replaced, our smart home products such as air ventilation systems can also save your expenses on cooling and heating.

Conserve Water

In addition to power saving, you will also save water and water bill if you use automatic irrigation systems. For example, you can try the cyber-rain to sprinkle your garden. Cyber rain can reduce up to 40% of your water cost annually.

Other Areas to Consider

· Programmable thermostat

Our products allow you to control and program the temperature of your home remotely through your smartphone to ensure the right energy consumption.

· Occupancy sensors

Motion sensor or occupancy sensors are one of the best ways to achieve the much-needed power saving. We can use ultrasonic or infrared technology sensors to automatically turn on/off the light based on the motion in your house.

· Eliminate phantom energy

It is also referred as standby power, idle currents, series, or vampire power and occurs when gadgets such as DVRs and microwaves are turned off but still draw energy by being plugged into their outlets. Therefore, manually unplug these devices from their outlets to save power.

Little changes will make a huge difference in your house’s energy use. And with the modern technology, it is so easy to automate your energy use, so you can achieve your goal of energy saving. Contact us today for experts advice.

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Little changes will make a huge difference in your house’s energy use

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