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Are you looking for a way to insulate your home? However, which is the best insulation method out there? These are thoughts that cross the minds of millions. The minds of many Malaysians that deal with Tropical climatic conditions. Tropical climates are often characterized by hot temperatures and high humidity. Conditions that can lead to excessive sweating and dehydration. Not to mention other life threatening factors.

This in mind, OKG Unihome has made available a product that could change your life. A change that will make your living space conducive and comfortable. The product is known as ECOWOOL. A famous product that has been in use for decades due to its benefits.

ECOWOOL is generally made of glass wool mineral products. It is most famous for its use in roof insulation in homes. Let us take a deeper look at the benefits of using ECOWOOL for insulation.

Benefits of Home Insulation

Reduce Temperatures

ECOWOOL is known for its cooling abilities in a home. As already discussed, heat can have adverse effects on a person's health. Extreme heat can lead to shock, heat stroke and so forth. Having a place to go and cool off is recommended. Glass wool mineral products allow that place to be in the confines of your home.

Cleanses Your Living Space

Humidity leads to the growth of bacteria causing germs. This is more likely to happen within enclosed areas such as houses and buildings. Hence, having insulation that cools down the temperatures is extremely beneficial. It will dry up your house, and, in turn, kill bacteria.

Glass wool mineral products also help get rid of harmful gases such as Carbon Monoxide. Gases are particularly harmful in confined living spaces. If not dealt with, they can potentially be life threatening. The problem with such gases, it is hard to detect them. However, with ECOWOOL, it ensures that it cleanses the air for you and your family.

Sound Proof Material

This point brings out the versatility of the product. If insulated right, it can reduce noise travel within your living space. The material can be insulated within your walls, roof, and ceiling. Not only to insulate against heat, but noise as well.

Noise can be caused by a number of factors. Malaysia has been known to experience monsoon rains that can be quite disturbing. Raining and thunderstorm are also likely to occur in this Southeast Asian country. Keeping the noise out will help maintain peaceful atmosphere despite the weather.

Moreover, it helps reduce whatever harmful effects noise may have.

ECOWOOL is generally glass mineral wool that is Eco-friendly. This means that it does not harm the environment in any way. In any case, it helps conserve it. The product is also energy saving and efficient. All in all, in home offers this product at an affordable price. Contact us today, to enjoy a much more comfortable home.

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A change that will make your living space conducive and comfortable

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