Advanced Roofing System

More than 30 years of research and development has gone into Decra Tiles.At its heart is the Decra roofing panel,pressure fromed from 0.4mm steel,seven tile impressions are formed horizontally in one panel.Each panel is profiled to form an extremely strong overlapping and interlocking structure.

The strength and durability of a stone coated steel roof is combined with the versatile good looks of a tile, shake or shingle profile to give you a DECRA® roofing system. DECRA® panels have a unique interlocking design, that withstand high winds and add shear strength.DECRA® Roofing Systems' unique design allows for roofing panels that contain numerous protective layers. Each of these layers serves the dual function of protection or adhesion for the next processing step.


1Why should Choose Decra?
The innovative use of Alu-Zinc metal combined with specialized surface coating and pressing technology has made AHI Roofing a word leader in metal roof tiles.DECRA stone coated tiles made from Alu-Zinc coated metal provide superior long term corrosion resistance.
2Advantages of Decra??
-Aesthetic and Versatile -Safety and Security -Natural Long Lasting Colour -Sustainability -Unique Roof Profile -Extremely Lightweight System -Extremely Weather performance -Long Warranty
3What Minimum pitch of this product?
minimum pitch for DECRA is 12'
4How many layer contain in Decra Tiles?
1-Arcylic Resin Protective Coating 2-Alu-Zinc 3-Steel Base 4-Alu-Zinc 5-Acrylic Resin Protective Coating 6-Basecoat 7-Natural Volcano Stone Chips 8-Clear Arcylic Overglaze
5Approved to world standards?
Decra tiles remarkable resilience is due to the combination of the weathering qualities of stone and the strength of steel.It is this resilience that has enabled Decra tiles to meet the requirements of the most stringent laboratory tests and meet the toughest building codes and standards worldwide

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