To fulfill market needs,Colourland's constant innovation has resulted in over 328 products catering solely for consumers.We also provide customised research and development to cater for all types of industrial and commercial business.We are also well known for our ruthlessly effiecient distribution system that caters to over 3000 dealers nationwide.Upon order,shipments are delivered on the next working day 95% of the time.

We are not only commited to the shareholder but also to the environment.The 3R principles (reduce,reuse and recycle) is the underlying guide to every single step in the underlying guide to every single step in our operations.From purchasing of materials,manufacturing process,waste management to retail,our dedication to the environment is reflected clearly.

Our durable products are specifically designed to reduce the need for repainting or recoating.For instance,Weatherflex Ultimate is formulated to provide 10 years of protection against sunlight,rain,mould and fungus.This is especially important in Malaysia's unforgiving weather.


1What advantages of Colourland Paint Solution?
-Washable -Low VOC -Low Odour
2If 1 liter can coverage how many area in meter square?
1 liter can coverage 10-12 meter square.
3Its Colourland have SIRIM ECO LABEL?
Yes,they have and colourland product have eco green product.
4How many years warranty for this product?
6 years warranty.
5How many layer of coats will cover this paints?
2 coat and each layer need to wait 1-2 hours to recoat.

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